2017-18 One Minute Sharing

1st Term

Date Class Name Title Powerpoint Video
6/10 6B Thomas, Nathan, Lenka, Lotus, Celia Funny Riddles
  6A   A+ English corner
13/10 6C Tiffany, Hera, Betsy, Tony What do you want to be
  6D   Song
20/10 6E   Hello To All The Children Of The World
  5E   School Song
27/10 5A Clara, Corrine Storybooks Sharing
  5B   Count on Me
3/11 5C Marco, Kelly, Dorothy Guessing game
17/11 4A Stephen Lai, Vicky Wong, Emily Lau Amazing Animal World Records
24/11 4B Dora Liu, Ajax Wong, Jenevieve Sito, Ice Fung, Vianna Wong Eating out
  4C   Numbers and prices
1/12 4D King, Belle, Kelly Our brothers
  4E   Singing a Christmas song
  5D   Sing a song
2st Term
16/3 3C   Sing a song
  3D   What Did You Do Yesterday
13/4 2E   In the Garden
  3E   The King's new clothes
27/4 2D Qiann My day
  2C   This Is The Way
  2B   What's the weather like today
4/5 1A Walden, Jayca, Ella, Karina My birthday
  1C Linda, Parco, Evelyn,Rex What am I
  2A   This is the way - singing
11/5 1B   Baby shark
  1D   Action Song
  1E   Walking Walking Dance Along
18/5 3A   Happy Mother's Day
  3B   A busy bee