2014-15 One Minute Sharing

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2nd Term

Date Class Name Title Powerpoint Video
15/5/15 1C Class 1C What are you doing
15/5/15 1E Cora Hung, Judy Poon, Carly Lau My puppet
8/5/15 1A CLASS 1A In Fun Zoo
8/5/15 1B CLASS 1B In Fun Zoo
24/4/15 2D Elsa, Vivian My best friend
24/4/15 2C Class 2C Days of the Week
17/4/15 2A CLASS 2A What do we do every day
17/4/15 2B Charity, Christie, Corrine & Jamie Our Easter Holiday
20/3/15 3E CLASS 3E We are Class 3E /
20/3/15 2E Lau Kit Ying My day /
11/3/15 3D Jet Leung My diary
11/3/15 3C Plato Tang, Grace Lee, Alex Wong Introducing myself
6/3/15 3A Betsy, Alvin, Justin, James, Kinki, Celia Poggy Frog's Contest
6/3/15 3B Class 3B Our LNY holiday

1st Term

Date Class Name Title Powerpoint Video
28/11/14 4D Debbie The Best Restaurant in the World
28/11/14 4C Alan, Clara, Jim, Sydney, Ivana How to make a star-shaped pizza
21/11/14 4B Maggie, Sandy, Tony Hobbies
21/11/14 4A 4A Marcus, Angela, Happy The Best Restaurant in the World -- A Play
07/11/14 5C Sam Chan The costume party
07/11/14 5C Mackey The costume party
07/11/14 5D Ashley, Goretti, Yoyo Japanese food
31/10/14 4E Alvin, Sofia, Cody, Kelvin Shopping for our Halloween Party
31/10/14 5B Fiona Fun Time
24/10/14 5A Samuel, Jason, Vincent, Nicole, Helen, Edward, Chloe The New Cinderella
17/10/14 5E Desmond, Zoe, Fire, Clarence Have Fun with Tongue Twisters
17/10/14 6E Kary, Coco, Catherine, Heidi Rap of the Week
10/10/14 6C Yoyo, Katie Ourselves
10/10/14 6D Jackie, Simon Playing games
3/10/14 6A Timmy, Franco, Oscar Australia study trip
3/10/14 6B Paco Liu Fencing

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